Prosegue il dibattito sulla riforma europea della Privacy

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Legal affairs specialists in Parliament support the “right to be forgotten” as proposed by the Commission in its draft data protection regulation. This would oblige companies, such as social networks or online shops, to delete personal data on request. However, the committee says in its non-binding opinion that this right should not apply to data processed for healthcare purposes. They believe that is important to retain complete health records in order to ensure the best care and treatment.

The data protection regulation will replace the current directive dating from 1995 and will apply a single set of rules to all data collected on a systematic basis, from search engines and social networks to health and education data. The proposed rules seek to give citizens more control over their own data, especially on the Internet, while ensuring clearer rules for businesses.

Profiling and explicit consent

The legal affairs committee says that “profiling” (a practice that allows personal data online to be monitored and matched in order to analyse or predict a person’s behaviour) should not be based on ethnic, religious or sexual orientation criteria.

MEPs also support the Commission proposal to require a person’s explicit consent to the use of their data. This permission could be sought electronically, says the committee in its opinion.

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